The studio I work in is a unique place in San Francisco.  For one thing, it’s almost a miracle that we have survived the current construction and avarice boom that has pushed out so many other creative spaces over the past five years.  Thankfully, our building management is committed to the arts and non-profits, so here we still are. In addition to being a working studio, our space is also a meeting place of the arts and artists from many disciplines. 

Richard Louis Perri has held the master lease on the studio for the past twenty-five years.  He is a San Francisco original, a one-of-a-kind brilliant artist who knows all the local merchants by name and never is seen in public without his trademark porkpie hat.   Here he is at work: 


This gallery includes scenes from the life of the studio:

Hello, World!

Matiz Flamenco @ Oddaganza 2015 - 'The Garrotin'

Captured, Friday October 30, 2015 at the Richard Louis Perri art gallery's Oddaganza 2015, Matiz Flamenco deliver this beautiful dance, featuring Yuli Norrish dancing and Melina Berkov-Rojas singing, Stephan Crawford on Guitar.

Posted by Alcatraz RADIO on Saturday, November 28, 2015

Matiz Flamenco performs a "Garrotin" at the studio. Featuring Yuli Norrish dancing, Melina Berkov-Rojas singing, and Stephan Crawford on guitar. Posted on Alcatraz Radio on November 28, 2015