The fact that there are so many wonderfully talented and creative artists out there gives me hope for humanity.  Here are a few I especially admire:  

 I was invited to give a presentation at a residency just north of San Francisco last year and met Pinar there.  Earlier this year I encountered her work again in Berlin.  Be sure to check out "The Kitty AI" and "The Very Loud Chamber Orchestra of Endangered Species". 

The ClimateMusic Project has been collaborating with Kinetech Arts over the past year, and I am really inspired by the pure creative energy of this fusion of technology and dance. 

Richard Louis Perri (aka "Luckey") is a studio-mate, my mentor, and great friend. His painting "The Triangle Sandwich Shop" is one of my favorite paintings of all time.  I love it because it's not only technically masterful, but it tells an unseen story that evokes strong emotions in a way that technique alone could never achieve.  Richard's soul went into that painting. 

I ran across Miriam Simun's work last year.  All I can say is:  There is a very creative mind at work here... 

Francesco Rosato, a young Italian painter, is my other studio mate.  He works like one possessed until late at night in the studio, and I am truly inspired by the voice that he expresses...

I have taken a few of Judy's classes at the Crucible in Oakland and now consider her a mentor.  Her work pushes the boundaries of her medium, and in class she exhibits a playfulness and curiosity that are infectious.  

Paolo Salazar's studio was next to mine for a number of years, and I now have two of his paintings hanging in my studio.  Paolo is really versatile as an artist, and often injects humor into his work. 

Erik Ian Walker is the sole proprietor of WackoWorld Music.  I was looking for a local composer to work with on The ClimateMusic Project and narrowed the list down to Erik.  His work spans many styles and collaborations have been part of his portfolio.  His versatility is evident in Climate, which is a masterful accomplishment.  A true maestro. 

Mark Seely's landscapes and portraits don't leave you...

Roberto Zamora is a complete artist: a professional flamenco cantaor and dancer at the heart of northern California's flamenco community, and he is also a highly accomplished painter.  Everyone around him basks in his genuinely human warmth and generosity.  He is an authentic mensch.